TEL AVIV (Agencies): The Elbit Systems company has been forced to sell its factory in Staffordshire because of “sustained direct action,” a UK-based pro-Palestine group said Thursday, Anadolu reports.

“Relentless direct action has secured another victory in the fight against Israel’s arms trade, as Elbit Systems are forced to sell their ‘Elite KL’ factory in Tamworth,” Palestine Action said in a statement.

Elbit Systems, a weapons manufacturing company, has long been accused of being complicit in the Israeli onslaught against the Gaza Strip.

It is the largest Israeli military manufacturer and produces 85% of the country’s land-based equipment as well as 85% of drones used by the Israeli Air Force.

The company had previously manufactured cooling and power management systems for military vehicles, but was forced to sell the equipment after stating it faced “falling profits and increased security costs” resulting from pro-Palestine action, according to a statement.

After the sale was completed last month, Elite KL’s new owners, listed as Griffin Newco Ltd, confirmed in an email to Palestine Action that it would have nothing to do with the previous owners, Elbit, and have discontinued arms manufacturing.

“Following the recent acquisition of Elite KL Limited by a UK investment syndicate, the newly appointed board has unanimously agreed to withdraw from all future defence contracts and terminate its association with its former parent company,” Elite KL told Palestine Action.

Palestine Action noted that the “victory is a direct result of sustained direct action which has sought, throughout Palestine Action’s existence, to make it impossible for Elbit to afford to operate in Britain.”

A spokesperson for Palestine Action noted that each activist who “occupied and dismantled Tamworth’s Israeli weapons factory” did so to end Israel’s weapons trade and end the profiteering from Palestinian repression.

“Every defeat Elbit faces is a victory for the Palestinian people. Kicking Elbit out of Tamworth shows once again that direct action is a necessary tactic. It is one which must be utilised and amplified in the face of the Gaza genocide,” added the spokesperson.???????

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