AMMAN (Agencies): The Jordanian Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi said that Amman will not sign an agreement to provide energy to Israel in exchange for water. The exchange agreement was supposed to be signed last month.

In an interview with Al Jazeera yesterday evening, he added that Jordan is doing everything it believes will help support the Palestinian people. The country is leveraging its relationships to demand an end to the bombing of Gaza and to warn against the occupation’s actions that could push the region towards disaster.

Safadi stressed that Israeli occupation forces are committing war crimes and their actions cannot be viewed as self-defence, and if any other country did what the occupation is doing, it would face sanctions.

He pointed out that the occupation is pushing the entire region towards hell, and the world must face the fact that what the entity is doing has destroyed decades of efforts to build a peaceful environment.

Safadi stressed that the occupation bears the consequences of what it is doing in Gaza, as it is creating an environment of violence. If the international community wants to talk about the day after the war, it must stop what is happening now, and international institutions must take a clear stance on what is happening in the Strip, he concluded.

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