BEIJING (Agencies): China’s Chang’e-6 lunar probe is on its return journey to Earth, carrying valuable samples from the moon’s far side, with arrival expected in approximately 10 days. The mission, which has already completed over 30% of its journey, was announced via Weibo and further reported by CCTV.

The probe successfully collected samples from the South Pole-Aitken Basin between June 2 and 3, marking a significant milestone as the first mission to sample and take off from the moon’s far side. The samples, which are now securely stored in the probe’s ascender, could provide new insights into the geological differences between the moon’s near and far sides.

Researchers anticipate that these samples will shed light on the moon’s dichotomous nature and contribute to our understanding of its ancient geological composition. The far side’s exposure to meteor impacts and lack of protective atmosphere or magnetic fields make it a unique subject for study, potentially revealing substances from deep within the lunar crust or mantle.

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