Kyiv (Agencies): Ukraine has taken a pioneering step in modern warfare by establishing the world’s first Unmanned Systems Forces (USF), which will specialize in robotic warfare across land, sea, and air. The USF was officially launched on June 11, fulfilling President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s vision to revolutionize defense capabilities through advanced unmanned technologies.

Deputy Minister of Defense Ivan Havryliuk and Colonel Sukharevskyi, known as “Borsuk” (Badger), led the ceremony in Kyiv. The USF aims to enhance national security and foster international defense cooperation.

With over a million First Person View (FPV) unmanned aircraft systems (UASs) expected to join the USF by 2024, Ukraine is set to become a global leader in unmanned military technology. The new branch’s emblem, an iron swallow designed by artificial intelligence, represents Ukraine’s journey towards resilience in defense.

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