ANKARA (Agencies): In a recent development, Turkiye and Somalia have entered into a historic defense agreement aimed at bolstering Somalia’s sea and naval capabilities. This strategic partnership holds implications for regional security and underscores Turkiye’s expanding military footprint overseas.

The Defense Deal: Somalia’s cabinet approved the defense deal, granting Turkiye the responsibility of safeguarding Somalia’s coastline for the next decade. Turkiye, whose navy has been operating off Somalia’s shores and in the Gulf of Aden under the UN mission since 2009, will not only build Somalia’s navy but also train and equip personnel to combat illegal fishing within its territorial waters.

Military Cooperation: Turkiye has been actively involved in training Somalia’s soldiers, contributing to the country’s army development. Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia, hosts Turkiye’s largest overseas military base, further solidifying the bilateral ties.

Strategic Significance: The defense agreement addresses critical concerns related to terrorism, piracy, illegal fishing, and external threats. Somalia’s Prime Minister, Hamza Abdi Barre, emphasized that this agreement establishes Turkiye as a true ally and friend on the international stage.

Economic Implications: While specific details remain undisclosed, Somali press reports suggest that Turkiye will receive 30 percent of revenues from Somalia’s exclusive economic zone, known for its rich marine resources.

Gateway to Africa: With a 3,025-kilometer coastline, Somalia boasts the longest shoreline in Africa, positioning it as a gateway to the continent.

Ratification Process: The agreement awaits ratification by Turkiye’s parliament and the president before becoming final.

As Turkiye expands its military and economic presence in Africa, this collaboration signifies the growing ties between the two nations and their shared commitment to security and stability.

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