LONDON (Agencies): UK Army Chief General Patrick Sanders, along with several other decorated British military officers, expressed their admiration for the Pakistan Army at a recent event held in the city. They highlighted the unparalleled hospitality of Pakistanis and lauded the Pakistan Army for its professionalism, versatility, and discipline, ranking it among the world’s top military organisations.

The event was attended by around 50 senior members of the Quetta Association, all of whom had studied and served in the Pakistan Army’s prestigious Command and Staff College over the past half-century. The gathering, hosted at the Army and Navy Club in London, was an opportunity for these officers to reflect on their time in Quetta and pay tribute to the institution’s significant impact on their careers.

Among the attendees were notable British military officers such as Lieutenant General Sir Alistar Irwin, Lieutenant General Anthony Palmer, Brigadier Nick Thompson, Brigadier Tony Berry, and Major General Seumas Kerr, all graduates of different years. Their wives joined them, sharing in the nostalgia of past memories.

Colonel Taimur Rahat, Army and Air Adviser at the Pakistan High Commission in London, conducted the event. He spoke about the Staff College’s achievements and its role in training and grooming officers since 1905. He cited examples of how the college’s alumni have shaped the command and staff echelons in major battles fought by the British Army from the 1900s to the 1950s. He also mentioned that many of the college’s graduates have gone on to hold high-ranking positions, including Viceroys, Governor Generals, Presidents, and Field Marshals, and some have even become founding fathers of various Arms/Services in their country’s armed forces.

General Patrick Sanders praised the Pakistan Armed Forces for their professional finesse and expertise, stating that there was no comparison. He identified Pakistan as a top priority for the UK Army in terms of Defence Association and Defence Collaboration. He spoke about his visits to Pakistan, the country’s strategic significance, and the potential for collaboration in the Defence Industry. He also praised the leadership of COAS Pakistan Army General Asim Munir and commended the efforts of the Defence Wings of Pakistan and the British High Commission in advancing military diplomacy. He affirmed the crucial role the Pakistan Military plays in defence and nation-building, recognising their battle-hardened capabilities, their ability to defend the country, and their invaluable assistance to partner countries. He also acknowledged the honesty and integrity of the Pakistan Armed Forces.

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